ITS-Z1 (International Test Site-Z1)  is a independent art space/laboratory where artists and scientists of all levels from around the world will meet, brainstorm, experiment, create and ultimately promote new ideas in a vast array of fields. Initiated by Serbian-Australian-American artist Dragan Ilic, who is based in New York and Belgrade, the goal of the art space/lab is to address the advancement of global cultural interaction. We believe that the international art scene is in crisis due to over-commercialization, and one of our primary objectives is to counteract this tendency by providing a launching pad to experimental artists to test their ideas without any of the limitations imposed by market forces or fleeting trends.

Recent years have seen a surge in cooperation between scientists and artists who have come to rely on each other for inspiration. By creating an art space/lab for extreme experimental activities, from planning sessions to workshops to the production and showing of finished work as well as works in progress, we have created a laboratory where the combined talents of artists and scientists will produce cutting edge creative concepts and visions.  The Test Site is located on a hilltop 13 miles from Belgrade, which features 5,000 square feet of interior and 15,000 square feet of exterior space. The site overlooks the Danube River and provides stunning 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside.